Tecnograf is ready to meet the needs of its customers. To satisfy them, we are daily investing in technology and human resources.

The complexity of conceiving, designing, and realizing an industrial in line solution, as the know-how to retrofit an old machine, both require to have the technical structure, mental attitude and will to grow.

Today we can boast these qualities and are committed to continuously improve in order to be supporting every your request. Tecnograf's R&D department is composed by a group of mechanical designers, SIEMENS programmers and engineers to follow the project step by step giving the right solution for the final performance of the machines.


On an Area of 4.500 sq.m. we realize our products using MAZAK tools machine of last generation. In every sector, when you want to be a leader, we suggest you to work with leaders.

"Ogni tecnologia sufficientemente avanzata è indistinguibile dalla magia"

( Artur C. Clarke )





Via Pacinotti, 44
36040 Brendola (VI)

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