Easy Band

The EASY BAND is a flexible and compact unit for the application of head and tail band on round and square book blocks. This extremely easy to use machine is the perfect solution for medium and small book binding companies.

The head/tail band is joined to the glue strip before being applied to the book spine.

Due to its working concept the machine does not require cleaning at the end of the production.

Technical data

Book size min 100 mm x 100 mm (w x h)
max 350 mm x 420 mm (w x h)
Thickness min 8 mm
max 80 mm
Cycle speed approx. 700 books/hour
Electrical requirements approx. 1,5 kw
Machine weight approx. 270 kg
Floor space 1.000 mm x 1.000 mm (l x w)

3 manual adjustments
Automatic head/tail band applicator

3 automatic size adjustments
Extra set of knives
Min. size 70 x 100 mm
Max. size 600 x 350 mm

The machine complies with CE standards; it comes with one user manual and one electric diagram.





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