The CT60 is the new high-performance machine for the casing-in of thin books, CD trays, pop-up books and all those products that can hardly be cased-in in a traditional casing-in machine with blades. CT60 produces square back books with a thickness from 1 to 25 mm at a maximum speed of 60 cycles per minute

Technical data

Book size min 100 mm x 100 mm (w x h)
max 285 mm x 380 mm (w x h)
Thickness min 1 mm
max 25 mm
Cycle speed approx. 3.600 books/hour
Electrical requirements approx. 15 kW
Machine weight approx. 8.500 kg
Floor space 8.000 mm x 3.225 mm (l x w)

Automatic hopper feeder for book cases
Book block feeder with short pre-pile belt
Preparation for hot melt gluing unit: 2 nozzles
Automatic hot melt control system new model
Adjustable margin
“adjustable in steps” 3,0 -3,5 -4,0- 4,5- 5,0 mm”
Set of wheels for joint forming, standard type

Extended belt for hopper feeder for book cases
Book block feeder with extended pre-pile belt
Up-right, alternating and lay-down unit
Emergency delivery (60 cycles) TC60
3rd nozzle for "tight back"
Kit for flexible cases (integral)
Book stacker
Table for automatic size change (TCS)

The machine complies with CE standards; it comes with one user manual and one electric diagram.





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