T-20 Rex

The T-20 Rex is a flexible and dynamic case maker  for the production of  cover with round and square back, but also  for the fabrication of folder file, games from table, calendars and photo book. It is a strong machine with enough electronic but in the same time the operator can operate and avoid any "stop" on the production

Technical data

Book size min 115 mm x 380 mm (w x h)
max 170 mm x 680 mm (w x h)
Thickness min 1 mm
max 4 mm
Cycle speed approx. 3600 cover /hour
Electrical requirements approx. 15,5 kW
Machine weight approx 6700 kg
Floor space 4.170 mm x 3.550 mm (l x w)

Size change by means of electric motors
Special pressing unit with Vacuum System
Touch screen
Flexible spine attachement (min. 8 mm)
Vacuum pump
Board feeding conveyor

In line board cutter
Viscosity control
In line board cutter
Equipment for producing one-piece cases
Equipment for producing 4-5-piece cases
Corner Cutter double device
Pneumatic Cutter Rubber Mod. TEC2
Standard spare parts kit
Kit for Round Corner angle
Air conditioning unit for electric cabinet
Equipment for inside lining
Hose pump for cold glue

Video T20
The machine complies with CE standards; it comes with one user manual and one electric diagram.





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