Solid construction and traditional folding system unit: CUBE incorporates a traditional casemakers process on what concerns folding and pressing of cover material. Corner tucking is done in the first station with automatic adjustment synchronized with the main cover size change (this Patented feature represents a very innovative solution in this area). Motorized adjustments set the folding stations to size. Tight folding, perfect corners and precise register are achieved with all materials used in today‚Äôs book cover manufacturing.

Technical data

Book size min 115 mm x 160 mm (w x h)
max 405 mm x 680 mm (w x h)
Thickness min 1 mm
max 3 mm
Cycle speed approx. 900 cover /hour 
Electrical requirements approx. 10 kW
Machine weight approx. 3800 kg
Floor space 3.600 mm x 2.250 mm (l x w)

Video CUBE

Short make ready
Size change by motors
Touch screen 17 PLC
Siemens Control Unit
Flexible spine attachment

Pre Belt Board feeder
Viscosity control
In line board cutter
Equipment for producing one-piece cases
Equipment for producing five -piece cases
MCS control system
Easy Cut

The machine complies with CE standards; it comes with one user manual and one electric diagram.





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