MODULAR is a semi-automatic cartoning machine for hard and soft cover books.

Cartons are placed by the operator on pile(s) of books arriving from a casing-in line.

The closing of flaps on both sides and sealing with adhesive tape or Hot-melt (optional) will be done automatically.


Technical data

Width min 105 mm
max 380 mm
Height min 60 mm
max 420 mm
Length min 200 mm
max 540 mm
Standard width of adhesive tape 50 mm
Mechanical speed up 12 cartons per minute
Power requirements approx. 0,75 kW
Machine weight approx. 400 kg
Floor space 3850 mm x 1050 mm (l x w

Left hand version
Pedal control

Right hand version
Soft-cover equipment
Special width of adhesive tape (max. 70 mm)

The machine complies with CE standards; it comes with one user manual and one electric diagram.







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